Hello Special Shapes customers! 

Many of our items will be discontinued due to lack of demand. Once our inventory is sold out on one of these particular items, we will not be manufacturing them again. 

Thank you for being a loyal customer and for your past and continued business with us.  We thank you for your understanding in this situation.

Please keep in mind:

Minimum of $25 per stock order! 

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*Prices may be subject to change*

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Fax # 773-586-8556 or email us: brassshape@aol.com

   Craftsmen Serving Craftsmen       

           Special Shapes Company for the past 60 years has been producing and supplying specialized brass shapes needed for modeling craftsmen.  Our structural shapes are milled to tight tolerances in order to meet the smallest and most difficult of scale models. We are dedicated to our slogan: Craftsmen serving craftsmen 

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